This is where property owners and contractors involved with Small Scale Electrical installations, Solar PV and Solar Water Heating Systems can find assistance with installations that:

  • Are not delivering according to expectation.
  • Has not been completed as per the agreed scope of the project.
  • Do not seem to comply with regulations and standards.

While the framework of the Energy Industry Ombudsman – South Africa is developed and refined to allow for larger and more complex cases EIOSA will assist with complaints for small scale electrical installations, solar water heating and solar PV installations.

Services offered are voluntary and free of charge.

About Us

The office of EIOSA exists to assist various stakeholders to:

  • reduce risks associated with energy-related projects, 
  • improve installation standards specific to the electrical sector by raising awareness of existing issues 
  • create a mechanism for complaints resolution and arbitration for the energy sector and electrical-related installations in South Africa. 
  • redress the imbalance of resources and expertise that is likely to exist between a consumer, end-user, distributor, supplier or contractor, so that neither party needs a lawyer.


Our vision is to assist stakeholders suspecting to have been exposed to unfair business practises by facilitating an impartial and objective mediation and or arbitration process between conflicting parties, thereby offering an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) platform.

The long-term vision is to contribute to the enhancement of the energy sector and protect the rights of stakeholders through transparent processes and continuous stakeholder engagement.

Complaints Handling Process

Complaints can be lodged to the EIOSA office in person or via email.

 All complaints will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt. 

EIOSA dispute resolution processes and procedures are in line with the provisions, purpose, and policies of The Consumer Protection Act 68, 2008, relevant to the energy and electrical sector and other sector-relevant regulations. 

The burden of proof as to the complaint lies with the complainant.


The office of the EIOSA is a Non-Profit organisation guided by;

  • Electrical Installation Regulations
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Electrical Machinery Act and Consumer Protection Act
  • Non-Profit Organisation Act 71 of 1997 amongst others, etc

Contact Us

Physical Address:

Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa.

Available to the public Monday to Friday 08:30 – 16:00 by appointment